Thursday, October 28, 2010

Skyline 2 Movie - Skyline Sequel

Skyline 2 - Skyline Movie SequelThe studios are confident that the first Skyline movie is going to be a hit and they're already planning a movie sequel to Skyline. Yep, get ready for Skyline 2! You're wondering why they're so confident?

Well, the studios don't need the first film to be a huge blockbuster: it was produced on a budget by the Strause brothers and their special effects company Hydraulx. I'm pretty it will recoup its budget, and the whole thing will be more than profitable.Besides Colin and Greg Strause, the co-directors of Skyline, already have 45 pages of a draft script for Skyline 2. So we may fairly assume that Skyline 2 is a done deal.

Haven't seen the first, so I don't want to speculate yet about the potential plot of the movie Skyline 2.

Anyway more information about Skyline 2 soon, and meanwhile share your thoughts below!